alex jolee

alex jolee is the definition of beauty
wow she’s such an alex jolee

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  • double stink bomb

    the act when one person takes a shat in another person’s -n-s, thus the name double stink bomb. joe: bruh, did you get you some last night? tom: oh yeah, she was pretty kinky though, so i gave her the ole double stink bomb.

  • urgle-burgle-durgle-murgle

    a way to describe how you feel when someone messes your perfect, and on fleek, hair. “i felt so… so… urgle-burgle-durgle-murgle when sandra pulled out my pony tail!” >:(

  • i agree

    a phrase that gives zero choice to computer or smartphone users who need to update the latest software or app. a refusal to click “i agree” to a software update means that it’s time for the user to throw away or trade off his cell phone. on the internet, the two magic gateway words to […]

  • jamarquo

    the strongest s-xiest smartest guy ever who gets all the smoking hot babes he gets booty all the time jamarquo gets all the girls says katelyn i know right says david and sebastian

  • pole song

    a song you could picture yourself or one of your friends sliding around the stripper on, either very slowly or fast & ratchet! ohhh i love this song! this is my pole song!

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