Alexander pope

alexander, 1688–1744, english poet.
john, 1822–92, union general in the u.s. civil war.
john russell, 1874–1937, u.s. architect.
contemporary examples

alexander pope in the early 1700s was writing things like “he loses in less than eight days.”
the problem with weird al’s ‘word crimes’ video john mcwhorter july 22, 2014

historical examples

his human nature is of the kind that makes the nymphs and swains of alexander pope dull and artificial.
confessions of a book-lover maurice francis egan

alexander pope and other old english writers are always talking about fits of “vapours.”
the spell of switzerland nathan haskell dole

alexander pope was still writing when josiah was apprenticed and known already as a “fine thrower.”
chats on old earthenware arthur hayden

reproduced in fac-simile of the author’s handwriting, and ill-strated with beautiful colored designs by alexander pope.
our little ones and the nursery, vol. v, no. 9, july 1885 various

we quote also from the well-known translation by the english poet, alexander pope.
the story of troy michael clarke

in these years bryant made alexander pope his adored model, and for so young an imitator he succeeded remarkably well.
a history of american literature percy h. boynton

he considers, however, that he has one great blemish in his dislike of alexander pope.
the international monthly, volume 4, no. 1, august, 1851 various

on the other hand, alexander pope’s verse rendering has nothing homeric about it.
the world’s greatest books — volume 17 — poetry and drama various

fenton is remembered as the coadjutor of alexander pope in his translation of the odyssey.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 10, slice 3 various

(often capital) the bishop of rome as head of the roman catholic church related adjective papal
(eastern orthodox church)

a t-tle sometimes given to a parish priest
a t-tle sometimes given to the greek orthodox patriarch of alexandria

a person -ssuming or having a status or authority resembling that of a pope
another name for ruffe
alexander. 1688–1744, english poet, regarded as the most brilliant satirist of the augustan period, esp with his imitations of horace (1733–38). his technical virtuosity is most evident in the rape of the lock (1712–14). other works include the dunciad (1728; 1742), the moral essays (1731–35), and an essay on man (1733–34)

old english papa (9c.), from church latin papa “bishop, pope” (in cl-ssical latin, “tutor”), from greek papas “patriarch, bishop,” originally “father.” applied to bishops of asia minor and taken as a t-tle by the bishop of alexandria c.250. in western church, applied especially to the bishop of rome since the time of leo the great (440-461) and claimed exclusively by them from 1073 (usually in english with a capital p-). popemobile, his car, is from 1979. papal, papacy, later acquisitions in english, preserve the original vowel.

the head of the roman catholic church. the pope is believed by his church to be the successor to the apostle peter. he is bishop of rome and lives in a tiny nation within rome called the vatican. catholics believe that when the pope speaks officially on matters of faith and morals, he speaks infallibly (see papal infallibility). (see also john xxiii and john paul ii.)

related terms

is the pope polish

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