anne robert jacques
[an raw-ber zhahk] /ˈan rɔˈbɛr ˈʒɑk/ (show ipa), 1727–81, french statesman, financier, and economist.
historical examples

words are sometimes things; but never were words so completely things as those with which turgot welcomed franklin.
atlantic monthly, volume 12, no. 73, november, 1863 various

he can find no better answer than that of turgot and the economists.
diderot and the encyclopdists john morley

he also wrote biographies of turgot and voltaire, and in favor of american independence and against negro slavery.
a biographical dictionary of freethinkers of all ages and nations joseph mazzini wheeler

and turgot’s family was only of the secondary n-blesse of the robe.
critical miscellanies (vol. 2 of 3) john morley

marshal turgot used to eat a hundred or two just to whet his appet-te.
the ocean world: louis figuier

the year came, but no loménie, nor turgot, and the sorbonne itself had vanished.
critical miscellanies (vol. 2 of 3) john morley

turgot and necker had attempted these reforms, and calonne attributed their failure to the malevolent criticism of the parlements.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 5, slice 1 various

the progress of the human mind means to turgot the progress of knowledge.
critical miscellanies (vol. 2 of 3) john morley

two years later he was recalled to france by the advent of his friend turgot to power.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 8, slice 8 various

turgot was one of the men to whom good government is a religion.
critical miscellanies (vol. 2 of 3) john morley

anne robert jacques (ɑn rɔbɛr ʒak). 1727–81, french economist and statesman. as controller general of finances (1774–76), he attempted to abolish feudal privileges, incurring the hostility of the aristocracy and his final dismissal

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