an algorithm is a precise process for solving a specific problem in a finite number of steps
an example of an algorithm is how your computer works. you tell it what to do and it utilizes all aspects to complete the job as quickly as possible.
how al gore gets his groove on.
bush: how does al gore get his groove on?
d-ck: i don’t know…i thought i shot him.
condi: the algorithm! (gaptoothed snicker)
a set of steps used to solve a problem. a word primarily used in the fields of mathematics and computer science, but can be applied to almost anything.
fred: hey man, find a job yet?
greg: no man, i developed an algorithm to make some mad cash!
fred: …
greg: step 1: obtain a case of beer. step 2: ??? step 3: profit!
greg: can’t argue with that logic. beer me.

algorithms = the sound al gore’s kids heard when he was boning mrs gore
algorithms,squeaky bed, humping noises
what al gore doesn’t have
man,al gore ain’t got no algorithm
the act or practice of quoting al gore; an al gore quote.
if i may make an algorithm here, i would say it’s nothing more than an “inconvenient truth”. the internet is abound with algorithms, the most famous being “i used to be the next president of the united states …”

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