Alien Queen

scariest f-ckin’ byatch ever. dude and when she has babies its gross.
get away from her you b-tch!

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  • t*rd handler

    for lack of better words, one who is a complete f-ck-ng douche bag. “jared ate the last piece of pizza.” “that guy is a f-ck-ng t-rd handler.”

  • t*rd transport

    it’s when you defecate in your girlfriends mouth and she walks to the toilet and puts it in there for you “hey i heard john’s wife let him do a t-rd transport last night” “oh really, sweet” “but i’m never talking to her again, her breath is probably horrible now”

  • aelmi

    an extremely hot piece of -ss. d-mn she is such an aelmi

  • aesic

    c-ck , p-n-s , weiner his aesic is huge .

  • cawa

    expressing one’s desire for eye-s-x with someone else; the act of eye-s-x did you see that hot guy with all the tat’s? i’m gonna cawa him from acress the room. i’d like to cawa that hottie! ooh, she giving him cawa eyes.

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