means “joy” in hebrew. female name.
we named our child alisa because she brought us joy.
a wayyy cute girl who is really nice and kind
that alisa girl is awesome
alisa is a crazy person.
i want to make sweet love to alisa even though she is crazy.

also see; crazy/beautiful
the most amazing girl in the world. she is cute and s-xy, with a great body and the most beautiful face. she is always smiling and she has a wonderful smile. her hair is perfect and always in her own style. her skin is amazing and her nose is cute, even if she doesn’t think it, and her eyes interesting and expressive. she has a lovable, kind personality is sociable and fun to be around. she has the best sense of humour, is musical, sporty and talented, and has a beautiful voice. if there is an ethan out there who goes out with this girl he is the luckiest guy in the world.
i love you alisa
alisa is a very intellectual girl who is very social but loves being independent. very funny! always light hearted. has a great big heart and is very sensitive towards many things, even if they are little. she doesn’t like germs, but in certain situations she doesn’t mind them. a hard but very lazy worker. great voice and a very bold personality. loves being different. great girlfriend! but chooses her guys wisely.
wow is that alisa? i hear she is super funny!
alisa is a very loyal person with soft brown hair that she likes to change the color of. she is a very nice person when you get to know her an she is kind and remarkable. i’m very lucky to have her as a best friend. i know she will always be there for me even when she gets a little b-tchy. alisa is also not a morning person!!! she is a very beautiful person who likes to fight about it!
alisa–laughing at me-
alisa-laughs even harder-
super cool and doesn’t give a f-ck about what anyone says. she’s really pretty but doesn’t believe it. she can get really negative and she is really sarcastic. she is hilarious but most people don’t hear what she has to say. people tend to not talk to alisa but they should.
” oh who is she? she look lame”

” hey! shush that’s alisa. she’s so nice”

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