covering or applying to all; all-inclusive; blanket:
an all-embracing definition.
historical examples

they have been the first to appreciate and understand the all-embracing duties of the sanitary commission.
continental monthly , vol v. issue iii. march, 1864 various

even food for the horse was included in that all-embracing rent.
kent knowles: quahaug joseph c. lincoln

-sshur-bani-pal’s literary tastes were far more varied—indeed they were all-embracing.
the seven great monarchies of the ancient eastern world, vol 2. (of 7): -ssyria george rawlinson

their genius was fed by a wide sympathy and an all-embracing curiosity.
progress and history various

it is this all-embracing universally illuminating faculty of vision that justifies galileo’s epithet of the divine for ariosto.
renaissance in italy: italian literature john addington symonds

in that period of all-embracing activity, he began to study astronomy.
great men and famous women. vol. 4 of 8 various

we shall see unity splitting, as it penetrates and embraces everything simultaneously in a unique (or all-embracing system).
plotinos: complete works, v. 4 plotinos (plotinus)

the jungle seems to be an all-embracing monster who mocks you with his silence.
an african adventure isaac f. marcosson

it was a very simple, fervid, all-embracing affair—that i should see richard chalmers again very soon—and that he should love me.
at the age of eve kate trimble sharber

he grips him by the arm, anxious to prove his all-embracing affection on the spot.
egholm and his g-d johannes buchholtz

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