all hetero

the phrase “all hetero” is synonymous with examples of the literary devices of modifiers. the phrase strictly clarifies & cl-ssifies a statement as heteros-xual (not gay), that potentially could have been viewed as heteros-xual or h-m-s-xual. this is differentiated from no h-m- or no bruno, in that these two phrases are used to clarify the heteros-xual intent of an otherwise h-m-s-xual statement. however, the phrase “all hetero” can be used in a “no h-m- statement,” but not vice versa (as a “all hetero statement” may not have been h-m-s-xual in the first place).
“the wind blew me today; all hetero.” the wind could be personified as either male or female, thus “all hetero” is used.

not an example:
“suck my d-ck,” when said male to male, should include no h-m- as opposed to “all hetero.”

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