allantochorion al·lan·to·cho·ri·on (ə-lān’tō-kôr’ē-ŏn’)
the extraembryonic membrane formed by the fusion of the allantois and the chorion.

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  • Allantoic

    of or relating to the . historical examples it was for a long time held that the marsupials differed from all other mammals in having no allantoic placenta. the cambridge natural history, vol x., mammalia frank evers beddard as the allantois increases in size and importance, the allantoic vessels are correspondingly developed. the works of […]

  • Allantoic sac

    allantoic sac allantoic sac al·lan·to·ic sac (āl’ən-tō’ĭk, -ān-) n. the dilated distal portion of the allantois.

  • Allantoic vesicle

    allantoic vesicle allantoic vesicle n. the hollow part of the allantois.

  • Allantoic stalk

    allantoic stalk allantoic stalk n. the narrow connection between the intraembryonic portion of the allantois and the extraembryonic allantoic vesicle. historical examples krause maintains that all the other embryos shewing an allantoic stalk at an early age are pathological. the works of francis maitland balfour, volume iii (of 4) francis maitland balfour the intra-embryonic portion […]

  • Allantoid

    also, allantoidal [al-uh n-toid-l] /ˌæl ənˈtɔɪd l/ (show ipa). . the allantois. adjective relating to or resembling the allantois (botany) shaped like a sausage noun another name for allantois allantoid al·lan·toid (ə-lān’toid’) or al·lan·toid·al (āl’ən-toid’l) adj. of or having an allantois. shaped like a sausage. n. see allantois.

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