a great friend someone who will always be there
everyine wants to be an allena

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  • All up in the pool

    the act of being so wet. “i’m so wet.. all up in the pool.”

  • allykins

    so girl who thinks she cool when she..isnt. and thinks she has big t-ts and a huge -ss and is a sl-t. “that girl is go allykins”, joe said.

  • aloba

    when (usually for fun) a single male is picked up by several others and gets his male parts rammed against a pole or wall sort material. aloba him! he needs to be aloba’d

  • ally-oop fishbrain to top acid

    riding up to the rail, jumping with a 180 spin and landing one foot on the rail crooked so it looks flat then jumping to another 180landing one foot in a fishbrain an the other in front so the people can see the inside of your foot te guy over there did an insane ally-oop […]

  • alphabet soup

    a term used to describe a phenomenon in which letters do not form words. often occurs during major exams noam: dude i failed bio ryan: did you experience alphabet soup? noam: no i’m stupid 9 more definitions add your own a various concoction of illegal drugs, taken concurrently, the effects of which cannot be antic-p-ted. […]

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