edmund henry hynman
[hin-muh n] /ˈhɪn mən/ (show ipa), 1st viscount, 1861–1936, british field marshal: commander of british forces in egypt in world war i and conqueror of jerusalem (1917).
contemporary examples

i felt racism on the part of the security at allenby bridge.
the palestinian artist trapped in the west bank: ‘every minute, for me, was like a knife in my heart.’ justin jones july 15, 2014

historical examples

allenby succeeded to its command in june 1917, and had the summer in which to prepare his plans.
a short history of the great war a. f. pollard

allenby’s first impression was one of disappointment at the failure of the device.
pleasant journey richard f. thieme

the english forces under general allenby were carrying everything before them.
kelly miller’s history of the world war for human rights kelly miller

the cavalry, under general allenby, were ordered to cover the retirement.
world’s war events, vol. i various

i visited allenby’s headquarters in the afternoon of the 21st, and discussed the situation with him.
1914 john french, viscount of ypres

allenby put them to the shield of his mask and adjusted them.
the holes around mars jerome bixby

allenby jerked once with the initial shock and was then still, his mind and body fused with the pulsating currents of the chair.
pleasant journey richard f. thieme

allenby winced and called the others when i came back and reported.
the holes around mars jerome bixby

allenby, in command of the expedition, was first to set foot outside the ship.
the holes around mars jerome bixby

edmund henry hynman, 1st viscount. 1861–1936, british field marshal who captured palestine and syria from the turks in 1918; high commissioner in egypt (1919–25)

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