alli is one of the most caring people you will meet. she always has a smile on her face and can brighten your day just by flashing a smile. she is extremely pretty yet she doesn’t know it. she has many friends, and many people wish to be her friend. alli is always laughing herself and making others laugh with her great sense of humor. she always puts others before herself and is always willing to have a great time. alli is someone everyone needs in their life.
girl #1: hey who’s that new girl you were talking to?
girl #2: that’s alli
girl #1: she’s so pretty, i wanna be friends with her!
girl #2: yeah and she’s funny too!
(best girl out there!) she can talk for hours and make friends everywhere she goes. she is hilarious, beautiful, s-xy, loves a good time and knows how to turn you on.she has a bangen body(usually has the best t-ts in town ) but alli is also the most caring person you’ll ever meet she will be there for you through thick and thin,you can count on her to keep your secrets. alli also has a great sense of forgiveness and never holds a grudge for more than a few days. she can be clumsy and come off innoscent but if you know her well enough you know thats only one side of her. she is gorgeous and has the cutest little smile! she can brighten your day up with just a short conversation. she will no doubt be the best d-mn girl that you have ever had. a girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.
guy#1: dude i just dont know what to do?!

guy#2: man you gotta get yourself an alli
alli (freak)one of the nicest ppl u will ever meet she is so nice and lovaly and she will always have a place in my heart.
alli one of the nicest ppl u will ever meet she is so nice and lovaly and she will always have a place in my heart.
an absaloutly gorgeous female who is very sweet, nice, funny and caring. she’s just amazing. she is a great role model and can do anything she sets her mind too. she’ll always have a special spot in your heart.
do you know the gorgeous girl alli?
yeah! she’s amazing and my role model forever<3 someone who is so epic and awesome that no other words can describe them. did you see that girl beat the records? she is such an alli. a being that is normally found wearing retro clothes and playing with sock puppets on the girls bathroom floor at the local highschool. you know that girl over there on the floor? she's an alli the only fda-approved diet pills sold at gnc. gives you explosive, uncontrollable diarrhea, therefore, stay fat, its not worth it person 1: "hey, whatever happened to fat jen?" person 2: "she's trying to get un-fat, so she's been on the toilet since sat-rday" person 1: "but, it's thursday" person 2: "yeah, i guess she's trying out that new cr-p called alli" coolest girl you will ever meet. she is gorgeous and really fun to be around. guy 1:you know that new girl? guy 2:yeah, she is such an alli! ←

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