apple picking

a girl sucking on b-llsacks mid-bukkake.
my nut is sore since she went apple picking
engaging in a pattern of theft where one “picks” apple products (typically iphones) out of unsuspecting p-ssenger hands on chicago public transportation systems like the l.

can be color-coded to denote specific lines of the l
“haven’t seen you in a minute man, where you been at?”

“i was red apple picking last night and got 2 old 3gs and a brand new 4gs.”

“better sell those quick before they get hot and woowoowoo.”
going to bars or other public places with the intent to talk to, flirt or pick up “women” with an adam’s apple.
“did you see that dude with john last night?” – alex

“ya, they went apple picking last night” – tom
when someone steals apple products such as iphones, ipads, ipod touches, and other stuff created by apple.
person 1: some guy was apple picking his iphone.
person 2: i still have my ipad on my backpack to avoid that apple picker.
person 1: i think that guy wanted an iphone so bad.
person 2: i hope i don’t get robbed…
a crime currently gaining traction in urban areas in which someone steals an iphone out of the user’s hand and or pocket. the attacks sometimes involve force, though most of the time they are grab and runs. people who have been apple picked often describe it as a horrifying if not demeaning experience in which they were psychically and or psychologically threatened.
gangster 1: “yo, i’m ’bout to go apple picking man imma sell that sh-t on ebaae”
gangster 2: “yae man, grab ya glock we goin steal a iphone tonight!”

2 hours later:

gangster 1: “we totally apple picked that b-tch man!”
gangeter 2: “what’s that sound?”

this is the police, come out your house with your hands behind your head!

gangster 1&2: aeeeehhhhh sh-t!
apple picking

during intercourse, a man makes the woman (or man, whichever you prefer) pick the dingleberries from his -ss with her tongue.
to get revenge for the cleveland steamer his wife gave him, he decided to make her go apple picking.
the act during felatio or intercourse of gently twisting and then pulling on a man’s t-st-cl-s with the desired effect being to temporarily forestall -rg-sm.
dude! my girlfriend totally went apple picking last night. i lasted through pink floyd’s “the wall.”
code for lets get f-cking sh-tfaced this weekend
hey lets go to the orchard this weekend and go apple picking.

no kelsey, i’m not alcoholic like you.

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