the b-tch that takes all your friends
that girl is such a allie
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(a) a name usually given to females and is derived from the male names “alexander, alessandro”

(b) short for “allison, alexandra, alexandria, or alessandra.”

(c) people with this name are usually goodlooking/attractive, smart, funny, and very nice.

(d) it literally means “protector of mankind”
“allie is the prettiest, smartest, funniest, nicest, most awesome girl in my cl-ss.”
most allie’s are very gorgeous but don’t know it. they think they are ugly and criticize themselves alot.
they get annoyed with there closest friends but are always there for them.
usually curvy or skinny. not fat.
usually brunette sometimes blonde.
s-xy and romantic. very creative.
they make amazing girlfriends and fall for certain people. not a player. very unlikely to cheat.
an allie is a very funny and entertaining person. very fun person.
allie: im so fat. its so embarr-ssing!
carly: no you aren’t you’re gorgeous.
jacob: allie, seriously. you’re super gorgeous!
allie: yeah, okay.
girls named allie:
-are very nice
-are very funny
-are goodlooking
-are smart
-are good at learning different languages
-love to eat sweets and junk food
-are normally very very good at sports
-they do get angry when people act fake or lie a lot
-very bad at lying
-have lots of friends
guy: allie is the nicest, prettiest, funniest, smartest, most talented girl in the whole school!
the coolest girl in existance. incredibly s-xy and smart and fun all the time. everyone loves her.
“whoah, that chick is perfect!”
“no way, dude, no one can measure up to allie.”
the light to the darkness that surrounds her!!
people that are struggling need an allie in their life.
sweet sh-t! a is for awesome. l is for loveable, l is for lucky guy that gets her, i is for i wish i was her, e is for everyone loves her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you want allie? of course you do! who doesn’t? i mean, shes amazing! totally kick -ss person…. love her
have you meet allie?
no not yet, should i?
are you kidding!!! should you! shes the sh-tttt!!!
an allie is a girl who can always put a smile on your face. she’ll make you laugh, and enchant you with her beautiful smile.

she’s a clumsy girl, but that just adds to her charm. if allie wants something, she’ll get it.

allie has everyone happily wrapped around her finger.

she is usually not an only child, and is surrounded by musical influences.

you will notice that she tends to pick on herself for silly, little things. allie does not notice how beautiful she really is.

warning: allie will steal your heart without your permission. handle with care.
warning: allie will steal your heart without your permission. handle with care.

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