margery, 1904–66, english mystery writer.
contemporary examples

in that sense, it appears allingham not only defied his statistical life span, but longevity science as well.
how to live forever casey schwartz july 28, 2009

whenever someone lives as long as allingham did, others are eager to learn his secret.
how to live forever casey schwartz july 28, 2009

historical examples

allingham prefers ligatures of horsehair in these operations, and mentions the carbolized catgut in preference to silk.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various

the chairman arose and shook allingham’s hand long and heartily.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

“i must be going, too;” and allingham followed, walking down street as far as his office.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

“you’ll both have to go back to roma in this one,” said gertrude’s chauffeur to allingham.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

but if an ill-strator is wanted, i know one whose work is exquisite—mrs. allingham.
george eliot’s life, vol. iii (of 3) george eliot

“you don’t mean to say you were kidnaped, too,” cried allingham.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

by this time they were upstairs and at allingham’s door, for they had not done their talking standing still.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

“just as i supposed my committee had sent for me,” interposed allingham.
a woman for mayor helen m. winslow

margery. 1904–66, british author of detective stories, featuring albert campion. her works include tiger in the smoke (1952) and the mind readers (1965)

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