the striking of one ship by another.

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    botany. belonging to the genus allium (formerly the family alliaceae). compare . having the odor or taste of garlic, onion, etc. adjective of or relating to allium, a genus of plants that have a strong onion or garlic smell and often have bulbs: family alliaceae. the genus occurs in the n hemisphere and includes onion, […]

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    any bulbous plant belonging to the genus allium, of the amaryllis family, having an onion odor and flowers in a round cl-ster, including the onion, leek, shallot, garlic, and chive. a substance occurring in garlic bulbs that has antibiotic properties. contemporary examples in tennessee and west virginia, festivals are held to celebrate allium tricocc-m, which […]

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    an that reacts with an antigen from a genetically different individual of the same species. alloantibody al·lo·an·ti·bod·y (āl’ō-ān’tĭ-bŏd’ē) n. see isoantibody.

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