an utter and complete idiot who laughs entirely too much and acts like a r-t-rd. embarr-ssing. nevertheless, people love being around him and he is one heck of a friend. able to make you laugh in even in the most grim situations, allister is trusthworthy and loyal.
“you are just so.. allister.”

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  • bladzie

    absolute blag, complete liar, know it all bladzie says: ‘i,ve got a ticket for eindhoven’, ‘i’ve got a psp’, ‘im straight’, ‘im italien and not german’ and ‘i’ve got two eyebrows.’

  • blame giving

    blaming everyone else for something you have clearly done, not accepting responsibility for your actions, being gay, also known as bging bones: hoover you f-ckin r-t-rd, you hit my car! hoover: are you serious? it was andrees fault he parked too close! andree: hoover, stop your f-ckin blame giving (bging).

  • blancatarian

    person who only eats white meat. i cannot eat those ribs i am a blancatarian.

  • bleepage

    the act of bleeping. uncontroleable bleeping. “i bleeped at your mom twelve bleeping times.” “dude you got some bleepage problems” “those b–bies got mad bleepage”

  • blench

    extremely large, bigger than tonk. 50 cent is blench, not good but large in size. “my guns are getting blench after taming the 45s!” a contraction of the words ‘black’ and ‘hench’. i’m sorry if you lads didnt know it was a racial thing but it is. it’s never used in a negative light though. […]

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