the most amazingly hot, amazing, and perfect name of history
-woah shes hot she must be an allora

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  • Fat Porker Belly

    a belly that is rotund and swine-like in appearance, usually belonging to a pillow-biting polesmoker from long island. you’re a fat porker belly.

  • Grundella Queen

    the head cafeteria lady at every high school usually described as having very thin stringy hair, over weight, unusually surly and who’s apt-tude for serving quality low price meals is only matched by the beauty of her giant mole on her face. there’s a good chance she has some eastern european decent. for example from […]

  • Gruncle

    when your niece or nephew becomes a parent, you become a great uncle, a gruncle. my niece had a baby girl and now i am gruncle bob. another way of saying “great uncle” (your grandparent’s sibling) gruncle is coming over for dinner tomorrow, i hear he knows how to steal noses. gruncle….a combing of two […]

  • Angry Irishman

    the angry irishman is a retaliation for the women who wrap their legs around you during -j-c-l-t–n, after the two of you agreed upon the pullout method of contraception. this also works after a broken or needle punctured condom. the male, having by no choice of his own, -j-c-l-t-d into the woman, proceeds to clock […]

  • arkadiy

    biggest dipsh-t ever. and he’s a russian gay. dude i hate arkadiy.. he’s such a d-ck i think arkadiy’s in the closet

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