Almond oil

also called sweet almond oil, expressed almond oil. a colorless to pale yellow fatty oil expressed from the seeds of the sweet almond, used in preparing perfumes and confections.
also called bitter almond oil. a colorless to yellow, poisonous oil obtained by steam distillation from the almond meal of bitter almond seeds: used chiefly in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, and perfumes.
historical examples

the same experiment may be repeated with almond oil subst-tuted for the fat.
the art of perfumery g. w. septimus piesse

let us no longer have almond oil “essential,” almond oil “unctuous,” and the like.
the art of perfumery g. w. septimus piesse

mix three teaspoonfuls of bile with one-half a teaspoonful of almond oil, to which some oleic acid is added.
a practical physiology albert f. blaisdell

this oil is good for every purpose for which olive or almond oil is used.
the commercial products of the vegetable kingdom p. l. simmonds

creamy lotions for the face, made mostly of almond oil and the oil of cocoanut, were their complexion solaces.
the woman beautiful helen follett stevans

largely diluted with lard or almond oil, it is applied to the eyes in like cases.
cooley’s practical receipts, volume ii arnold cooley

reduce the camphor to powder by rubbing it in a mortar with the addition of an ounce or more of almond oil, then sift it.
the art of perfumery g. w. septimus piesse

almond soap (sapo amygdalinus), made from almond oil and caustic soda, and chiefly used for the toilet.
cooley’s practical receipts, volume ii arnold cooley

the oil they use is, i believe, almond oil: it is called tl-i-knjit.
at the court of the amr john alfred gray

about 80 tuns of almond oil are annually imported into this country, the price being about 1s.
the commercial products of the vegetable kingdom p. l. simmonds

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