a member of a muslim dynasty ruling in spain and northern africa from 1056 to 1147.
historical examples

here they were known under the name of almoravides, and to them was due the invention of the spanish money known as maravdis.
in the land of mosques & minarets francis miltoun

after his death his state fell before the advance of the almoravides.
a history of spain charles e. chapman

the almoravides appear to have been an exceedingly energetic and turbulent race.
the story of seville walter m. gallichan

afterwards yusuf, the berber, founded the dynasty of the almoravides.
old continental towns walter m. gallichan

nor was his success in war less agreeable to so fierce and martial a people as the almoravides.
the great events by famous historians, volume 5 various

the almoravides came to his -ssistance, but precipitately retired.
southern spain a.f. calvert

the mahometans of spain invite the chief of the almoravides to -ssist them.
the great events by famous historians, volume 5 various

conquest by the almohades came as a redemption from the tyranny of the almoravides.
the story of seville walter m. gallichan

this was not so when the fierce almoravides and fiercer almohades overran spain in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
christianity and islam in spain (756-1031) charles reginald haines

these unitarians were even more fervent in piety than the almoravides.
the story of seville walter m. gallichan

muslim berber horde from the sahara which founded a dynasty in morocco (11c.) and conquered much of spain and portugal. the name is spanish, from arabic al-murabitun, literally “the monks living in a fortified convent,” from ribat “fortified convent.”

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