not quite; close to reaching a certain point.
w-lly was almost ready to leave, but remembered that he needed to get his shoes shined.
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a song by bowling for soup that i would say almost everyone could relate to.
i aaallllmost had you,
but i guess that doesn’t cut it.
i aaallllmost had you,
and i didn’t even know it.
you kept me guessin’
and now i’m destined
to spend my time missin’ you.
i almost wish you would’ve loved me too.
a word that doesn’t count except in horseshoes, hand grenades, and goverment work. (also -ssociated with the words, “close,” “nearly,” and “just about.”)
we almost made it.

i almost won the powerball.
failed potential.

to come to the brink of something beautiful but just fall short of it.
we almost made it.
coulda, shoulda, woulda didn’t. you should have fwapped that.
well i almost-
“bullsh-t. yer such a p-ssy!”

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