a person who gives alms.
historical examples

let us take boldly the p-ssage from st. thomas in which he lays down the law of almsgiving.
mediaeval socialism bede jarrett

the principle is applied in succession to almsgiving, to prayer, to fasting.
expositor’s bible: the gospel of matthew john monro gibson

this word represents the charity of kindness and goodness, as distinguished from almsgiving.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 5, slice 8 various

when he considered this, he was uneasy, because his habit of almsgiving could not well proceed.
the gtakaml rya sra

then, again, this p-ssage teaches a much-needed lesson to the church at home about the methods of poor relief and almsgiving.
the expositor’s bible: the acts of the apostles, vol. 1 g. t. stokes

as he was always keeping the precept of almsgiving, he shared his opulence with the people.
the gtakaml rya sra

good means may be absolutely good, but commonly they are liable to become vitiated by circ-mstances,—almsgiving is an example.
the ethics of medical homicide and mutilation austin o’malley

but almsgiving has another aspect, on which early writers insist with some fullness.
lux mundi various

then once more, she saw his father with the broom—the almsgiving scene.
the gnomes of the saline mountains anna goldmark gross

charity, also, in its largest sense, is far wider than almsgiving.
flowers of freethought george w. foote

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