its name for girl. its orgin is hebrew and it means oaktree.
its very popular in isreal
hey alona how r thing going?
alona why u gotta be so mean ?
alona is such a pretty name
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(1) a common name both in slavic regions (ukraine, russia and others) and in israel. its popularity in israel probably stems from israel’s high population of russian/ ukrainian immigrants.

— originally a greek name (derived from the name ἑλένη – helénē).

can also be loosely translated from a hebrew word ‘alon’ referring to the oak tree.
translation: oak(a)

(2) a name of a mountain in greece.
man: “yo, beautiful what’s your name?”
alona: “it’s alona.”
man: “that’s what i do when i go to the bank!”
alona: -face palm-

man2: “alona, i named a mountain in greece for you!”
alona: “you’re still not getting laid.”
1. a verb which means to be the best and to be suprised (while being the best).
“yo your illamtic alona status”
an alona is the greatest being alive. she treasures her friends and seems to know everyone. beware though, if you anger an alona, her revenge will be swift and merciless. she likes kids shows such as sailor moon, and is very huggable. if you become friends with an alona, you’ve made a friend for life.
man, that short girl with the b–bs looks so huggable! she’s totally an alona.

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