the coolest woman ever to exist.
kara: “is that aloshie over there?”
yaseerah: “hi aloshie!”

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  • irish cowboy

    combination of a harlem hangover and clevland steamer while having a potato inserted in the -n-s i think i might be sick, i can’t breath and when i do it smells like sh-t and potatoes? nah, you were irish cowboyed last night.

  • homesprung

    a term one uses to address people that he/she/we/them/they/wolf-kin/it knows very well. synonymus with the term homie, except even on the downlow frat guy 1: yo gordon! frat guy 2: oh sh-t! waddupp homesprung!

  • creaklyn

    a type of creatine that slapps you in the face. help’s the mind mirror the body. for true athletes. are you a “true athlete”? opponent : aye, i heard your using creaklyn. me : yeah opponent : thinking to himself (f-ck, its true).

  • skwiid

    the coolest most awesome person in the entire world. they are more perfect than you can comprehend. they are adorable, awesome, beautiful, funny and the most enjoyable person ever. person 1: wow, keegen is so cool! person 2: yeah, i know! he’s such a skwiid!

  • gesticurbating

    the act of masturbating (arousing ones self until climax) while gesticulating (to flail arms about excitedly) (verb) me: what’s you do this weekend? her: i tried gesticurbating, wow what a rush!

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