alt Profile

additional profiles created for use on social networking sites. the profiles could reflect the same ident-ty, or that of a completely different fictional character.
i have a main profile on friendster, plus seven alts i use for posting in various groups and forums. my favorite alt profile is the one i use to post in the science fiction forum.

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  • amka

    “amka” is very intelligent and attractive. mostly generous to people. doesn’t take sh-t. a go-for-it person. generally, a very cool guy. ohhh… i’m bored. i should go hang out with “amka”

  • a multini

    a person who strings together large words that have absolutely no meaning when put together to feign intelligence on the internet. no one likes a multini

  • amy tap

    when seth meyers taps the desk just to his right (where amy poehler used to sit) at the end of every weekend update segment he’s co-anch-r-d without her. fangirl 1: did you see seth do the amy tap last night? fangirl 2: ugh! yes!

  • c*m m*ffler

    someone who rapidly dives headfirst into a masturbator’s crotch to deflect the emerging c-m before it hits the ceiling with an audible splat. i’m ready to blow any minute…will someone please get me a c-m m-ffler?

  • c*mp**p

    the act of p–ping after getting a c-mload in your b-tt i just took the gnarliest c-mp–p ever!

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