amaretto sour

amaretto is an almond flavored liqueur.
amaretto sour:
-one part amaretto(usually 2 oz.)
-one part(2-3 oz.)sweet & sour mix (a.k.a. sour mix or bar mix, made with sugar syrup and lemon and/or lime juice)
shake together and serve ‘on the rocks’
garnish: maraschino cherry or orange slice
not to be confused with an amaretto stone sour. this mixed drink is the above with orange juice added. there are varients of the stone sour. source:
just because you don’t like amaretto sours, doesn’t mean they taste bad!
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1. the most god-awful tasting drink ever invented, yet the sorrost-tutes drink it up like it’s going out of style.
d-mn girl, didn’t you notice the bartender rollong his eyes when you ordered 5 amaretto sours for you and the rest of the sl-ts?

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