amaze means amazing.
it is commonly used by annoying teenage girls who don’t like to say more than 2 syllables maximum.
megan: wow, that’s so totally amaze.
holly: stfu, amazing ftw!
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amazé means amazing good.. if something is amazé it is incredible..
apple: you’re so pretty in make up
harry: i wear make up to be pretty
apple: well it’s working, you look amazé
harry: as do you little apfel
refers to the term ‘amazing’
your such an amaze girl
amaze is the better, in fact best, way to say something is amazing. none of this full word cr-p! abbreving it is where it’s at! shows how much you love someone/something if you adapt the language you speak just for them/it!
sophie is so amaze!
that fish curry was totally amaze!

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