when white trash goes out at night, they tend to wear striped shirts or other distasteful geometric patterns, untucked (party shirt) with kenneth cole shoes with rubber soles. they typically have poor manners, rude, insulting, obnoxious, and have overall poor taste.
– the white trash tux
– amjack tux
kevin federline, amjack tux
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short for an american jack-ss!

term used to describe low intelligence and educaion, poor upbringing and manners, and poor taste in manners of dress. very similar to white trash. typically has a poor undergraduate look comprised of a baseball/farm cap, ratty t shirt, and cheap tennis shoes often -ssociated with poor hygiene, foul/co-rs- language, uncultured/crude, and social inept. a poor example of human evolution. social denegerate. usually highly stupid and offending.
“he looks like an amjack”
“he acts like an amjack”
“he talks like an amjack”
“he smells like an amjack”

enjoys the lowest levels of human experience, ie. wrestling, espn 2, nascar, bleching, farting, basic instinct 2, log rolling, incest possible, fly fishing, watch deliverance for success tip on life, driving pick ups, hog tieing, beer drinking, chewing tobacco professionallly, collecting beer cans,

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