is one of a kind. she is full of energy optomiziume. always happy and ready to take the day by storm. once you’ve met her you can never forget her contagious fun loving spirit for life.

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    brilliant scientist and hardware expert. confident in her brilliance and comfortable in her strangeness. rocking her “screw you” necklace, and overalls, she is sure to melt your heart with a single wink. fans recognize her by her yellow goggles, electrifying hair and right dimple or “as queer as salty parabolas”. her ship with fellow ghostbuster […]

  • damanvir

    damanvir is a really dumb person who is most likey a indian fudu he never does his workand trys to act like black men your such a damanvir at basketball

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    the fattest wh-r- you will ever meet. everybody hates her and she’s spreads rumours and just makes you feel uncomfortable person 1: hey do you know emmilee? person 2: yea, but i wish i didn’t

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    a regal and n-ble position i’m getting married, will you be my dufasary?

  • wide slash

    another term for a v-g-n-. d-mn son. she done had one dem wide slashes.

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