a moblie -rs-nal against death
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a specially equipped vehicle used to transport the sick or injured.
“dude, call me an ambulance!”
popular game used in flirtatious situations. one person, player 1, announces to player 2: “my hand is an ambulance, say red light when you want me to stop.” player 1 runs his/her hand slowly up player 2’s leg, starting at the knee and aiming toward the crotch. when player 2 feels too uncomfortable for any further progress, he/she announces “stop!” player 1 replies “ambulances don’t stop at red lights” and proceeds with moving his/her hand toward player 2’s crotch.
girl: “hey, do you want to play ambulance?”
boy: “um, ok, though i’m not really sure how to play….”
girl: “it goes like this: my hand is an ambulance, say red light when you want me to stop”
(hand proceeds slowly up boy’s leg)
boy: (noticeably uncomfortable) red light! red light!
girl: ambulances don’t stop at red lights! (hand proceeds up his leg)
a vehicle designed for the transport of sick or injured persons, usually divided up into 2 versions, bls (basic life support) and als (advanced life support) there are many types of ambulances, type i, type ii, and type iii, as well as humvee ambulances for the united states military. in the early days, ambulances were simply horse drawn carriages which injured soldiers were laid on. the six sided blue cross on the ambulance is known as the star of life, each edge representing its own purpose.
black guy in pos chevy: n-gg- i hate red lights
emt in ambulance: n-gg- what? -turns on siren, blares through traffic like a true bad-ss-
a ride to the hospital for those that do not have cars, think the will not have to wait in the hospital waiting room, and/or are too drunk to drive.
“dude, my toe hurts and i can’t drive, call me an ambulance!!”
a medically equipped vehicle intended for the use of caring for people in true emergencies, such as cardiac arrests, or stabbing/shooting victims, but recently has become a glorfied taxi of selfish, stupid, inconsiderate, dumb -ss people who take the resources away from people who really need the help.
edward – 54 year old male from san francisco , “oh my gosh my wife is not breathing, i need an ambulance!”

billy – 21 year old male from east la, “i ah…d-nk i need myself one of them ambulances yo…..cause like im having troulbe breathing…..cuz ya know…like i took too much meth man!”

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