taken from the word “amelioration”.

ameltheism is stance towards theism, religion and other bodies of belief and faith based thought which -sserts that is better to seek change and transformation as opposed to the complete denouncement and abolition of such things.

it is a movement that regards any and all endeavors to adjust and reform any given harmful facet of a religious doctrine regardless of it’s history or legacy.

a pract-tioner of ameltheism might even go so far as to encourage an partake in the creation and development of new belief systems or even simpler concepts of thought that might not be entirely rooted in the real world.

this particular att-tude towards religion is of a compatible nature to that of qwoutheism.

the stance of ameltheism is one centered around consideration and responsibility; both for the beliefs and feelings of others as well as oneself.
after sitting down to discuss one another’s concerns towards theology the two found that they were both pract-tioners of ameltheism and eventually began to understand alternative ways of addressing their various religious concerns.

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