American Dollar

currency of united states of america. once the favoured currency of speculators and travellers but recently eclipsed by the euro. the value of the american dollar has declined rapidly in recent years and is now worth around half of a uk pound or 80% of a euro.
1 american dollar = 80 euro cents
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(n.) the currency of the united states and its’ dependancies. has been steadily increasing in power since first inception. in the mid 20th century it was approx £1= $4 as the united states became the superpower of the post-war era. the dollar peaked at £1= $.65, and is slowly dropping in value as the us begins its’ economic descent, paving the way for another superpower; without a steadfast empire, no country or region can remain the superpower(s) of the world for long. within a century of losing the empire, country will slide down the power league. this has been seen in britain and france, and before that, the spark-empire of spain, which was later sold cheaply to the us. this empire lasted only a short amount of time, and caused some degree of embarr-ssment when lost.
the american dollar will have a residual value once the us loses its’ grip of around $2.5-3.5 to the sterling.

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