American Joke

american jokes are jokes which are not made in america. yet, these jokes can be made in america, but apart from america, they can also be made in china, hong kong sar, indonesia, ethiopia, north pole, mars, venus, jupiter, the sun…… wherever place you can think of which allow people to live. american jokes are simply abbreviated as “aj”, which, obviously, comes from its original name american joke.

so how did american jokes become jokes? once upon a time, there was a place named quality college where students were capable of making very bad jokes. those jokes are definitely totally utterly not funny at all, but students just loved making those cold jokes. one day, someone suddenly gave these bad jokes a name, american joke.

it was rumoured that the term american joke was invented by a student named “sir iohc niwde”. such a term was efficiently spread away by another fellow “a ginm”, “mal noraa”, “eel ynneb” and “nhoj ost”. they are the founders of the “american joke society” (abbr. ajs), which is one of the biggest aj as well.

recently, the rumour was proved to be false. yet, the rumour still remains to be one of the top aj recently.

that is why these jokes are called american jokes nowadays. but in fact no one can really explain how america is connected to those jokes, or since when has american become a joke. anyway, the name itself demonstrates the true meaning of the american joke. it is that, a joke which is expected to be a joke, a joke which is formally a joke, a joke which is supposed to make others laugh, but at the end not being so “joky” as expected at all. do you find the term american joke a joke?

however, as students were becoming lazier and lazier, they eventually found the term american joke too clumsy to pr-nunce. instead, they gave this term another shorter version: simply known as aj. due to the simplicity of such a term and its effectiveness in preventing people from producing endless meaningless non-interesting yet troublesome dead-airing cold jokes, it was quickly spread among the community that nowadays every one knows about “aj”.
here are some practical daily examples of american joke:

1. “american jokes are good jokes.”

2. “fine, thank you.”

“you too.”
“you three.”
“you four five six seven eight……”

3. “today i accidentally crashed into john and bj.”

“oh really? does it hurt?”

4. “john, congratulations for winning the champion. you are now the macau shooting star!”

“macau shooting star? does that mean i can shoot stars in macau? how do i shoot them?”

5. “bj who is a dj loves aj.”

there are too many examples to be named. please be kind to add in your own version of american jokes and they better are your own creations. the world of american jokes should not contain any boundary.

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