American Ricer

american-manufactured vehicles with all the ‘thrills’ of import ricers. typically featuring a four banger engine and sometimes come included with (or added by the owner) a forced induction system. while these are sometimes accepted as ‘better’ than import ricers because they have american manufactured badges on them, they still are cheaply made, easily m-ss-produced vehicles that- like any vehicle- can be made ‘faster’ with a turbocharger. often seen with giant unneccissary wings- improperly labeled as a spoiler (as they are front-wheel drive), a fart cannon, and altezza lights.
the most typical american ricers are the dodge neon, chevy cavalier, chevy cobalt, and the ford focus.
owner of cavalier or any other weak american car who like some civic and accord owners couldnt afford real parts for their car so they just bought altezza tail lights and everything else they could find at discount auto parts.
yes they couldve had a v8 but its not like any american car is going to last them through their senior year in high school. all american cars are cr-p. just give it up
a wannabe, an annoyance on the highway, that annoying thing that p-ssed you that sounded like a lawnmower, the thing at the other side of the block that you keep laughing at, the car u saw in the good will parking lot next to the state store, very confused individual.
wow that guy is trying realy hard to get noticed with his unique custom car that looks just like all the other pathetic american ricer cars!
an idiot for even wanting an import when he could get a late 60’s or early 70’s muscle car instead.
“poor american ricer. why does he want to appear like one of those j-pjunk drivers? wow, he could’ve had a v8.”

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