the best d-mn computer the world has ever seen! the textbook definition of superiority over its peers.
“i wanted something that bit better – i got an amiga!”
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a semi-popular personal computer, created by (among others) jay miner, a systems designer at atari. it was eventually purchased and released by commodore in 1985, built around the motorola 680×0 cpu and several custom co-processors. it sported a 32-bit preemptive mult-tasking operating system known as “kickstart”; an intuitive gui “workbench”; 4096 color high resolution screens; four channel stereo 8-bit audio, and a host of other high performance multimedia features.

due to mismanagement, lack of marketing/r&d, and the general state of seediness that thrived at the post jack tramiel commodore, the amiga was never a commercial success in the united states, though it did enjoy fame in europe as a game system.

popular applications for the amiga included desktop video (which, as the macintosh did with desktop publishing, the amiga practically created), audio production, computer art, scientific research, and, of course, video games. jur-ssic park, babylon 5, and even the simpsons and ren and stimpy used amigas for special effects in varying degrees, to name jsut a few of the more well-known entertainment products.

the amiga was at the heart of the world’s first 32-bit cd video game console, the cd32.
the amiga was a multimedia computer from commodore, ahead of its time.
something so unbelievably ahead of its time that it could be mistaken for a rigged demo.
that new game console is a real amiga.
amiga, a powerful computer was really ahead of its time. it did in 1985 (or 1992 for amiga 1200) what the pc-windows are still dreaming of today.
amiga is a survivor, a phoenix.
after the amiga days, bought by commodore, escom, gateway, amigainc (bought by kmos – 2004 or 2005?).
now the amiga rebirth is imminent:
new hardware based on ppc (amigaone/a1 and microa1).
new operating system (os4).
eyetech is developing the hardware while hyperion is developing the os. and the amiga community is helping testing it and creating new applications (or porting existing…).
amiga: back for the future.
hey dude, bored of wintel machines ? get a life, get an a1 !
spanish. word for a friend that is a female.
mi amiga es bonitas.

my friend is beautiful.
see also atari and atari st for the amiga’s immitator and compet-tion.
so dude, you getting an amiga or an st?

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