amish handwarmer

the amish handwarmer is an act of foreplay where one person finger’s the other after being outside in the cold for some time. if you live in an area that is warm, subst-tute cold weather by leaving your hand in ice water for a couple seconds, and you’ll get the same affect.

unlike most s-x terms, with male & female s-x, the woman is giving the man an amish handwarmer.

term came from this amish joke:
one day while riding in a carrige with her mother during the winter, an amish girl informed her mother her hands were very cold.
“just put your hands between your legs, that’ll warm them up fast!” to the girls suprise it worked very well, and continued to put her hands between her legs when ever they were cold.
weeks later, the same amish girl was riding in the carrige with a male friend of hers. not long into the ride her friend mentioned his hands were warm. so she recomended he put her hands between her legs to warm his hand up. the next day while riding in the carriage, the friend mentioned his nose was cold. the amish girl thought about it and told him to rest his face in her lap to warm his face up. after weeks of doing this, the friend finnally gather up the courage to say “its so cold out here, my p-n-s is frozen!”. not knowing what a p-n-s was, the amish girl let him put it in her lap.
after arriving home the daughter went to the mother and asked her what a ‘p-n-s’ was. taken completely by suprise the mother could only ask why she wanted to know.
so the daughter said “i was wondering, because they make a huge mess when they thaw.”
the first day it snows, my girlfriend gives me an amish handwarmer.

i love giving amish handwarmers, it feels “refreshing”.

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