amok a-mock: an aggresive activity tends to ruin everything.
this word comes from southeast asian language, bahasa indonesia (indonesian language) :
that drunken guy run amok
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a culture specific syndrome from malay involving acute indiscriminate homicidal mania first noted in the 17th century and now seen on psychiatry shelf exams. used in american vernacular to connote aggressive, uncontrolled behavior.
the man from southeast asia ran amok after taking the psychiatry exam, killing three other med students with his sharpened number two pencil.
running amok, sometimes referred to as simply amok (also spelled amuck or amuk, from the malay meaning “mad with uncontrollable rage” is a term for a killing spree perpetrated by an individual out of rage or resentment over perceived mistreatment.
the madman with a gun started running amok on the streets of downtown.
a term used to describe ron paul, a gop presidential candidate from texas.
ron paul runs amok towards his fellow 2012 gop presidential contenders (santorum, romney, newt).

ron paul runs amok.

the old man runs amok.
used if you cant be bothed to put sp-ces in between “am ok”. can be used to greet
dude a:hows you?
dude b:amok!
dude a: gdgd

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