Anal arson

a criminal act, mostly popular in formby (merseyside, uk) that involves pulling down ones trousers and setting their -rs-hole on fire using a lighter or two sticks rubbed vigorously together. although with the latter, a large amount of patience and luck is required. for the hardcore only.

charges for this crime are a slap on the wrist for a man and a slap on the behind for a lady. repeated offenders are placed in stocks in formby village to get eagerly penetrated by p-ssing perverts.
the first time this crime was publicly known was round the time of the infamous ‘formby chapel lane slayings’ in early 1956. it wasn’t until march 20th 1956 that this crime was first noticed. it was a strange day in the quiet village of formby as the then, rev. n demp-c recalls. the air was thick with the smoke and smog of the fires alight in the aftermath of the slayings. rev demp-c remembers it as though it was yesterday because it was his brother al-en that had been charged with the crime of -n-l arson. al-en then a member of the prestigious formby royal luncheon club, and an avid santa and the carol wagon star, was lead to the stocks in the square. after a few brief words from the town mayor the rev demp-c and his wife. he was perved on for 17 days straight by various perverts of the town. during his time in the stocks he also received several spankings and other attempts of -n-l arson to his bare behind.

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