anal o’s

blowing smoke rings out of your -ss
i won the vape comp with my -n-l o’s

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  • gnurelny

    when you get such a big hard on that it pulls the skin on your cheeks down toward the neck. effect is similar to bell’s palsy, as it is temporary. she got me so hard that i got a gnurelny, and i couldn’t leave the house for an hour.

  • taking it

    to take it up the p-ssy person 1: you have fun last night with your gf? person 2: yeah, she’s good at taking it

  • xenobonerphobia

    the irrational fear of other people’s erections. gary’s xen-b-n-rphobia prevented him from going down on barry.

  • doubleparent

    a singleparent who handles the traditional roles of 2 parents. havent even been able to get laid between work, school and doubleparenting!

  • vaguetubing

    when people send out a link to a youtube video without commenting on what the content is, forcing you to click on the link only to close it 1 second later because it’s leonard nimoy singing about bilbo baggins and you’ve already seen it. everyone please stop vaguetubing, as i’m trying to get some work […]

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