the feeling of slow penetration into the b-tt
i need some -n-l therapy

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  • throw the lob

    helping a friend get a date by giving the girl/guy good information. dk: “d-mn she looks amazing! billy: “lemme throw the lob i gotchu”

  • 2605

    trash -ss rappers. these n-gg-s is grown -ss men but only try to beef with people 13-16 years old. and all these n-gg-s do when they not rapping is stalk curly savv facebook page you heard that new 2605 track? yea bro that sh-t trash though, when they gonna stop rapping?

  • uess

    a more enthusiastic yes. is not to taken lightly. “uess! i’d love to look at dank memes with you at three am.” #yes #enthusiastic

  • Eldephile

    a young adult who is s-xually attracted to elderly people. michael only likes to have s-x with 80+ year old women. he’s such an eldephile! #elderly #old #wrinkly #saggy

  • wigel

    the p-n-s of a man named nigel. as in widge but the long named version. nigel, put your wigel away!!

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