anamory is when you have a reduced capacity for romantic love. anamory is just the way someone was born, as no one is born with the same brain. a person who is anamorous may still have obsessive love about you and l-st about you and want to make out with you and sleep with you, but there won’t be much of the typical romantic gestures or extreme sacrifices. sometimes, two anamorous people may sleep together and kiss and hug each other and also obsess about each other.
dude1: have you heard of josh, he got a beautiful and hot girlfriend who is smart.

dude2: yeah. but i heard that josh and veronica are both anamorous. it’s an anamory relationship.

dude1: well, at least they won’t have much love drama, just obsessive love and l-st. they have lots of s-x.

dude2: cool.

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