the anc is a terrorist organisation that finally came to power in 1994 following a brutal bombing campaign which killed an estimated 20,000 people (mostly civillians and black political opponents). it is now a troubled ruling political party, which has overseen an unprecedented decline in south africa’s ranking on the un human development index from a figure approaching european norms down to a level more commonly -ssociated with other sub-saharan nations.
the anc is the ruling party in the republic of south africa.
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absolutely no contact (or communication): a policy of attempting to make zero contact (or communication) with a specific person or group, also ignoring any attempts at contact (or communication) from said person or group.
when the couple went through a nasty break up, they adoped a policy of anc
all news channel

a very unusual news channel, it may be obsolete right now. the most widely watched news channels like cnn, msnbc, and fox news.
anc has a better theme song and more news than the most widely watched news channels like cnn, msnbc, and fox news, imo.
all news channel

very unusual along the most widely watched news channels like cnn, msnbc, and fox news.
anc has more info and a better theme song.
african national congress, a terrorist organisation working in coalition with fidel castro, and headed by nelson mandela. the aim was to end apartheid and inst-tutionalised racism in south africa and neighbours. unliek most terrorist organisations, they intended to kill as few people as possible and instead destroy government offices whilst unoccupied. also, when thier goals were achieved they threw thier weapons into the sea and lived in peace.
the anc were probably the only terrorist organisation of recent years that could claim to be freedom fighters

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