saint, pope a.d. 155?–166?.
historical examples

suddenly a whistle was heard from near the prow, where anicetus was standing.
darkness and dawn frederic w. farrar

nero seemed overjoyed at finding anicetus so ready to meet his wishes.
nero jacob abbott

polycarp was not able to persuade anicetus to renounce a practice which had been that of the bishops of rome before his time.
english conferences of ernest renan ernest renan

anicetus was notified that the blame of the whole conspiracy was on him.
little journeys to the homes of the great philosophers, volume 8 elbert hubbard

in silent determination the soldiers surrounded her couch, and anicetus was the first to strike her with a stick.
seekers after g-d frederic william farrar

as he was speaking anicetus foxily let fall a dagger between his legs.
historic tales, volume 11 (of 15) charles morris

the barge in which agrippina was thus invited to embark, was the treacherous trap that anicetus had contrived for her destruction.
nero jacob abbott

at that moment anicetus entered the room, followed by two other ruffians.
historic tales, volume 11 (of 15) charles morris

while they were speaking a body of soldiers, led by anicetus, arrived, and with threats of violence dispersed the peasant throng.
historic tales, volume 11 (of 15) charles morris

and then, handing her to the charge of anicetus, he turned hastily away.
darkness and dawn frederic w. farrar

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