refers to a group of people who take everything s-xually or in the completely wrong way. they are the definition of pervy and are known to ‘glomp’ people without any warning.
tsu: lila…nude pics now.
lila: -spanks tsu-
tsu: -enjoys-
ora: fap fap fap fap fap
wolfy: -glomps irish-
irish: -is glomped-
bo: you all are now my s-x slaves.
anon: spam
angel: banned.
tsu: banned.
hai: rawr
wolfy: thats what she said.
tenten: -moan-
irish: -moan-
ora: -moan-
wolfy: fap fap fap fap
sleepy: -moans-
tsu: b-tter?!?!
hai: no h-m-.
zero: you guys are gay -_-
lila: i don’t know why im still on anilinkz…

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