Animated cartoon

a motion picture consisting of a sequence of drawings, each so slightly different that when filmed and run through a projector the figures seem to move.
historical examples

need the “movies” be the only ones to profit by the animated cartoon?
college teaching paul klapper

bart simpson, the main character of the animated cartoon series of the same name, created by matt groening.
the civilization of illiteracy mihai nadin

one feature picture, one newsreel and one animated cartoon later, they walked past the plant again.
the knack of managing lewis k. urquhart and herbert watson

animated cartoon shorts have been better received by western critics and audiences than have feature films.
area handbook for bulgaria eugene k. keefe, violeta d. baluyut, william giloane, anne k. long, james m. moore, and neda a. walpole

rowlandson’s animated cartoon successfully includes all the diversities of the situation.
rowlandson the caricaturist. first volume joseph grego

a film produced by photographing a series of gradually changing drawings, etc, which give the illusion of movement when the series is projected rapidly

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