Anoop Desai

anoop, aka noop-dog, is an american idol season 8 contestant, after being constantly prodded by his friends to try out. he auditioned with the song “thank you” by boyz ii men. all four judges approved, though simon and kara questioned his stage presence.
anoop resides in chapel hill and attended university of north carolina. he was a former member and president of the clef hangers, unc’s a capella group.
anoop desai can sing anything from maroon 5 to t-pain.
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anoop is a contestant on american idol season 8 who is more commonly known as anoop dogg, noop dogg, and various other forms of this name. the nickname came about when simon mispr-nounced his name and anoop corrected him, adding “randy, you can call me ‘noop dawg!” it is a play on the rapper snoop dogg’s name.

other random facts:
-simon claimed that he looked like he should be meeting with bill gates.
-he goes to unc chapel hill
-he wrote an essay about barbeque.
-he sang “thank you” by boyz ii men at his audition
-the judges gave him 4 yeses
-he made it through hollywood and into the top 36
—-anoop desai’s audition—-
simon: anoopy?
anoop: anoop! like, randy, you can call me noop dogg!
randy: noop dogg, aiight, man.

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