Anthropic Art

anthropic art has to do with a human’s existence on earth; art that has to do with the person as they exist, art that expresses the owners individualism. in ancient years humans created small ritualistic pieces of art and carried the pieces with them as they traveled/migrated. these pieces were also utilitarian in nature as well as being symbolic and indicative of the environmental influences in which the person lived. in modern day we too carry items with us on a regular basis; it could be grandmother’s cross necklace, our fathers watch or something as simple as a sh-ll we find on the beach. albeit these pieces are not utilitarian however they represent something special, and when these items are carried they can sometimes add an extra bit of confidence as we set out on a trip, or they may put an extra bounce in one’s step; all in all representing an intrinsic value to our existence.
mary’s grandmother while on her death bed gave mary a special handmade necklace that he had been handed down in the family for years; it had been given to mary’s grandmother by her grandmother and wanted to p-ss it down to mary before she p-ssed. mary’s grandmother wanted mary to be reminded of the love and the strength of her predecessors. mary was honored to of been given the necklace; and would have it with her always, wearing it on special occasions as an expression of anthropic art because mary felt wearing this handmade necklace was a way to honor and stay connected to her grandmother as well as the family that came before her.

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