anterograde an·ter·o·grade (ān’tə-rō-grād’)
moving forward.

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  • Anterograde amnesia

    noun amnesia caused by brain damage in which the memory loss relates to events occurring after the damage compare retrograde amnesia anterograde amnesia n. a condition in which events that occurred after the onset of amnesia cannot be recalled and new memories cannot be formed.

  • Anteroinferior

    anteroinferior anteroinferior an·ter·o·in·fe·ri·or (ān’tə-rō-ĭn-fēr’ē-ər) adj. in front and below.

  • Anterograde block

    anterograde block anterograde block n. block of the conduction of an impulse traveling in its ordinary direction, from the sinoatrial node toward the ventricular myocardium.

  • Anterolateral

    anterolateral anterolateral an·ter·o·lat·er·al (ān’tə-rō-lāt’ər-əl) adj. in front and away from the middle line. historical examples the nerve then extends distally along the anterolateral edge of the latter muscle and subdivides into two long branches. variation in the muscles and nerves of the leg in e. bruce holmes a triangular dark mark with the anterolateral corners […]

  • Anteromedial

    anteromedial anteromedial an·ter·o·me·di·al (ān’tə-rō-mē’dē-əl) adj. in front and toward the middle line. historical examples the corresponding left vessel is smaller and ramifies on the anteromedial surface of the sternum. thoracic and coracoid arteries in two families of birds, columbidae and hirundinidae marion anne jenkinson

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