Anti clogging

to hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up:
to clog a drain.
to crowd excessively, especially so that movement is impeded; overfill:
cars clogged the highway.
to enc-mber; hamper; hinder.
to become clogged, enc-mbered, or choked up.
to stick; stick together.
to do a .
anything that impedes motion or action; an enc-mbrance; a hindrance.
a shoe or sandal with a thick sole of wood, cork, rubber, or the like.
a similar but lighter shoe worn in the .
a heavy block, as of wood, fastened to a person or beast to impede movement.
british dialect. a thick piece of wood.
verb clogs, clogging, clogged
to obstruct or become obstructed with thick or sticky matter
(transitive) to enc-mber; hinder; impede
(transitive) to fasten a clog or impediment to (an animal, such as a horse)
(intransitive) to adhere or stick in a m-ss
(slang) (in soccer) to foul (an opponent)

any of various wooden or wooden-soled shoes
(as modifier): clog dance

a heavy block, esp of wood, fastened to the leg of a person or animal to impede motion
something that impedes motion or action; hindrance
(slang) pop one’s clogs, to die
verb clogs, clogging, clogged
to use a photo-enabled mobile phone to take a photograph of (someone) and send it to a website without his or her knowledge or consent

early 14c., clogge “a lump of wood,” origin unknown. also used in middle english of large pieces of jewelry and large t-st-cl-s. cf. norwegian klugu “knotty log of wood.” meaning “anything that impedes action” is from 1520s. the sense of “wooden-soled shoe” is first recorded late 14c.; they were used as overshoes until the introduction of rubbers c.1840. originally all wood (hence the name), later wooden soles with leather uppers for the front of the foot only. later revived in fashion (c.1970), primarily for women. clog-dancing is attested from 1863.

late 14c., “hinder,” originally by fastening a block of wood to something, from clog (n.). meaning “choke up with extraneous matter” is 17c. related: clogged; clogging.

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