a substance that inhibits the growth-regulating function of an .

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  • Antibacchius

    a foot of three syllables that in quant-tative meter consists of two long syllables followed by a short one, and that in accentual meter consists of two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed one.

  • Antiballistic

    designed to detect, intercept, or destroy missiles: an antiballistic missile. adjective of or relating to defence against ballistic weapons adjective designed to detect, intercept, or shoot down ballistic missiles; also written anti-ballistic

  • Antibacterial

    destructive to or inhibiting the growth of bacteria. contemporary examples antibacterial soap is supposed to help you stay clean and healthy, right? antibacterial soap’s deadly secret kent sepkowitz may 20, 2014 xylitol nasal spray – xylitol is a sugar alcohol and has antibacterial properties. these are the 15 supplements to keep in your medicine cabinet […]

  • Antiballistic missile treaty

    an agreement between the u.s. and u.s.s.r., signed may 26, 1972, limiting the number of abm deployment areas, launchers, and interceptors.

  • Antibaryon

    the antiparticle of a , having −1 and charge, strangeness, and other quantum numbers opposite in sign to those of the . noun (physics) the antiparticle of any of the baryons antibaryon (ān’tē-bār’ē-ŏn’, ān’tī-) the antiparticle that corresponds to a baryon.

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